BCM is a Christian nonprofit and non-denominational organization committed to sharing and living out the Gospel in and outside Butare(Huye). It owes its origin to the vision of a local community prayer group, keen to bring the gospel to their neighbors.


  • To preach the Gospel where Christ is not known and to bring souls to him
  • To promote and initiate Mission work through biblical and holistic models for spiritual renewal and economic transformation.
  • To create conditions for sustainable development for the benefit of the poor and marginalized community in our neighborhood and elsewhere.
  • To encourage entrepreneurship in the community at large
  • To offer alternatives in lives leading to spiritual and economic transition in partnership with the Church worldwide so that the love of Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit
    today is made real throughout the world.


  •  Commitment of Faith
  • Prayer and Christian fellowship
  • Morality and ethics
  • Participatory education and development
  • Honesty and sincerity in all endeavor

Whay does BCM beleive and affirm?

We believe that the will of God is that all should be saved through the incarnation, death and resurrection of the only Son of God, Jesus Christ